Our Frozen Pizza Project really helped us through a hard time. When Covid took away catering, schools and dine-in, we had to really put our heads together to solve frozen pizzas as fast as we could or risk splitting apart.
The experience of taking the best of everyone’s ideas and moving forward together really helped us learn more about ourselves as a business and as people.
To us, our frozen pizzas are more than a snack, they represent the resilience and creativity of our whole team and serve as a reminder what we can achieve together.

Once each pizza is prepared, they are run through a conveyor oven programmed to ensure that each pizza is cooked at very high heat for the precise time needed to be perfect. Once out of the oven, the pizzas are locked at that state in our blast freezer and then vacuum sealed and labeled.

When you bring this pizza back to life in your oven, it is as if it just left ours. We hope you enjoy them!

Local Retail Partners

Maltese Grocery
George’s Market and Celebrations
Odena Foods
Westfort Foods
Beefcake’s Burger Factory
Haven Hostel
South Neebing Variety
Valley Foods
Brent Park Store
Country Good Meats



This project was a team effort.
It feels like every member of the staff has had a hand in refining some part of the process, it is surreal to look at that pizza, vacuum sealed with its fancy label and think that we all did that together.

As a small business, investing time and resources into a big project can be daunting. We are lucky in Thunder Bay to have access to the advice, guidance and funding support from these 4 agencies:
The Thunder Bay CEDC
The Northwestern Ontario Innovation Center
The Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce

as well as countless allies and friends and family.

Thank you to everyone who helped us set this up, we really hope you all enjoy the pizzas and we will let you know as more are available!