Win Free Pizza For a YEAR 2022

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Once every few years, when the pizza gods smile down on us, we know it’s time to announce another FREE PIZZA for a YEAR draw!

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“It was great 👍 I got a delicious different pizza every week. I wish I won again.”

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“Winning pizza for a year from Eat Local was an amazing experience! Not only did I get to try lots of different delicious pizzas on the regular, but I also got to see lots of lovely Eat Local folks! The staff are always friendly and the food is always super tasty. It was probably the best thing I’ve ever won.”

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“A number of years ago (2014 if my memory is correct), Jim over at Eat Local Pizza ran a contest to win free pizza for a year. Wild concept, but a classic Jim a.k.a. Willy Wonka move. To my surprise, I won! For the next 52 weeks myself, my friends, family, and complete strangers got to enjoy in my winnings. Massive thank you to Jim and his crew for making my inner child’s dream come true of getting all the pizza all the time!”

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Sign up for your chance to win the 4th ever FREE PIZZA for a YEAR draw!

One Entry per person
Multiple entries per family allowed
Draw will be random

*You have to enter the form correctly for a chance to win*

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*Entering in this contest means you may receive very sporadic emails in the future about fun giveaways and community events*
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