Feeling the heat from Frozen Pizza

Once you get it home, all you need to remember is 400 degrees for 10 minutes. Our Frozen Pizza can be lunch for kids doing class at home, dinner for the family or the perfect pairing with a bottle of wine when you put up your feet at the end of the day.


It’s Growing on Us

Frozen Pizzas started off as a fun idea we could do on the side to have fun and meet the demand for our pizzas in rural areas, camps and late nights. We had no idea how quick demand would ramp up, we are now constantly pumping out frozen pizzas for sale here at the shop and in grocery stores throughout the city!


It’s all about the Details

We find often when people look at scaling up food products, they often try to prioritize spending the least to make the most. We have always made it our priority to ensure every component to our pizzas is exactly what we would want to eat at home with our families. We don’t sacrifice that as we grow. We take local products unique to Thunder Bay and we put in the time and effort to really make them shine. 

We spend so much time on dough, carefully adjusting water temp to weather changes is just a small part of ensuring the balance between chew and crunch and fluffy is perfect every day.

At 525 degrees, each pizza experiences the exact same cooking process to ensure you get all the caramelized toppings and gratinated cheese you would if you ordered it hot and fresh.

Precision is key to Consistency

Having access to precise industrial equipment allows us to build a system then create the exact same quality over and over. When you buy a pizza in 2 months, you will be getting the same quality we decided on in our team meeting this morning. Every moment, every degree, every step is considered and re-evaluated constantly in our search for the perfect snack to eat with our families and to share with yours!


Balancing Technology and Tradition

We have always come at food from a different perspective, being a bunch of nerds means spreadsheets are just as common as measuring cups in our facility. One of the most interesting lessons we have learned is the middle ground where you use technology not to replace, but to assist and monitor the same food traditions that make pizza a favourite food in so many households. That balance has helped us to grow and continues to guide us as we keep moving forward.

Proofed for over 24 hours and rolled by hand, every frozen pizza gets the same love we would put into the ones we send our Mom.


Where to find frozen pizza in thunder bay

🧡Maltese Grocery
🧡George’s Market and Celebrations
🧡Odena Foods
🧡Westfort Foods
🧡Beefcake’s Burger Factory
🧡Haven Hostel
🧡 South Neebing Variety
🧡 Dawson General Store
🧡 Eat Local Pizza

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