George’s Market Sausage Pizza: A feel good story <3

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👨‍🏫George’s Market Sausage Pizza:
🌿Rosemary Cream Sauce
🍄Thick Cut Mushrooms
🍎Roasted Red Pepper
🍯Balsamic Glaze
🌭Pizza Sausage!

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🧡A small good news story.

Before COVID-19 changed everything, we met Graysen from George’s Market and Celebrations at a Sysco event to look at logistics, new product lines and preparation for COVID-19 in the food industry.

Graysen it turned out was our kind of person, her and Chelsea bonded over snacks and drinks as we all discussed food in Thunder Bay and all the things it turned out we have in common.

Then everything changed.
We had a lot of plans of neat things to do together, and to get Jim and Graysen’s dad Danny to meet each other, but now everyone was on lockdown working around the clock to prepare for changes that no one could predict other than be as safe as possible.

After a couple weeks as it became clear both our companies were essential to the food supply train in Thunder Bay, we all reached out to check on each other again. We knew actually getting together socially is something we have to put on hold… but something we can do… is feed people.

Graysen and Tristen worked on this “Eat Local Pizza Sausage” a blend that tastes like pizza (and is delicious) and had some delivered to us. We are going to use them as the basis for our “George’s Market Sausage Pizza” that we are launching now!

👊Even though our teams may not get to actually meet for months, we found a way to work together.

In such complicated times, it is reassuring that life will adapt.🧡

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