Eat Local Pizza: COVID-19 Protocol

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Hi everyone,
As you know many people in our city are preparing for the impact of a second wave of COVID-19. Many services and institutions are being shut down as people look at how best to be responsible while we wait as a community to see what happens next. From extensive meetings leading up to now, we are very confident in the unified approach being taken by many of our allies in food service and logistics. We fully entrust the health and safety of our community to the medical professionals working hard to come up with systems and best practices. We are in constant contact with them to maintain and upgrade our own procedures.

That being said, people need to eat.

As you know we take food security and access very seriously. We have been here for our community to provide safe, accessible food to those who need it for years. We built into our 2020 strategic plan the resources and policies needed to engage quickly as the need arises within our at-risk sectors in case of emergency.

Below are listed our 4 levels of escalation, a series of protocol meant to keep everyone safe. We will be enacting each level as needed as we move forward.

Our intent is to maximize safety while providing food to customers and at-risk members of the community for as long as is viable.

[accordion] [accordion-item title=”Escalation Level 1 (Fortify)”]

Deployed immediately upon concern that COVID-19 has spread to Canada

Each staff member working over 20h/ week now has access to medical benefits.
We have 2 doctors available to staff and their families to consult on any concerns.
Institute timers and accelerated hand washing and cleaning schedules.
Deploy a system of partial pay for anyone affected by the virus.
Announce contingencies in place that will ramp up as the need arises.
Mitigate staff interaction with customers and cash.
Set up a safe drop-off system where we will be able to donate food to at-risk families at door steps and designated locations while

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Escalation Level 2 (Outreach)”]

Deployed once store sanitizing protocol and staff safety are in place, the two sectors we will be looking to bolster immediately in this phase are:

✅Establish Facebook page: Thunder Bay Coronavirus Prep and use it to push community updates to people.
🔹️Pull 30% marketing budget for this project.

Family units that may have been reliant on school meal systems or institutional options that are temporarily unavailable.
🔹️Coordinate with other organizations to look at need and capacity.
🔹️Set up a system for people to request food assitence.

🔹️Implement a system of contactless delivery to ensure everyone’s safety.️
🔹️We will be prioritizing support for neighborhood organizations demonstrating immediate need.

Healthcare professionals and emergency service workers which are about to push themselves beyond capacity for our community.
🔹️Utilizing contactless delivery we want to ensure this group is fed.
🔹️Help to ensure their families needs are met while their own resources become stretched thin.

We will be working alongside allies in logistics and food service to do our part in preparing for, and then performing during whatever need arises. We obviously hope that any negative impact to our community is minor, but we will be working tirelessly in case it is not.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Escalation Level 3 (Sustain)”]

Deployed once government officials announce a need to minimize interaction.

Our dining room will now be closed to the public, with only pick-up and delivery available.

We are now offering contactless delivery upon request.

We will be waiving all debit fees.

We are diverting all marketing funds directly to community food donations to at-risk groups.

We will be here for as long as we can. Our regimented sanitation and segregation policies are running smoothly. We have been here for Thunder Bay families through tough times before, and we will continue as long as we can safely.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Escalation Level 4 (Reserve)”]

Deployed once staff need grows in response to ongoing situational changes.

✅CEO pay turns into fund for sick employees to access in emergency.

✅People with kids prioritized to stay home, working becomes voluntary and emergency rent-fund for at-risk staff engaged.

✅Ex employees brought in to bolster team as needed.

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With these 4 levels in place, we are confident in our ability to maintain service, assist our community and keep ourselves and others safe.

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Please message us with any questions or concerns

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