Eat Local Frozen Pizzas: Ready for your Freezer!

For years our customers have been requesting a frozen pizza option. After so much work and preparation, we are excited to say that our first round of pizzas is ready!

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Frozen Pizzas are ready to go!

✅Frozen GF Pep 23.99+tax
✅Frozen Perogie (with or without bacon) 16.99+tax
✅Frozen Pep and Cheese 8.99+tax
✅Frozen Vegan Veg 17.99+tax
✅Frozen GF Veg 24.99+tax
✅Frozen Keto Pep 23.99+tax
✅Frozen Keto Canadian 23.99+tax
✅Frozen Vegan Pep 17.99+tax
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For the last year we have been working with customers to determine what products would be the right fit for the first wave of pizzas. The starting line up was developed to give as many people as possible a chance to try something. 

Throughout this process we had the pleasure of working with many agencies within our community that assist businesses like ourselves with expansion. Once we had made the decision to move forward, the Innovation Center was right there to assist us in buying and installing upgraded storage options. Without their help we would still be in the planning phase. The CEDC worked to help connect us with various funders. (Including NOHFC who have been fantastic to work with) and the Health Unit has been a steady source of guidance in the steps to develop safe new products.

The process of renovations, buying and setting up a new walk-in freezer, stand up fridges and freezers, blast chiller and everything else needed for this project was made so much easier with the combination of our old friend Bob Agombar the refrigeration wizard and Jim from Bam Electric. Those guys were in an out of here a bunch and were integral to setting up the facility exactly how we needed it.

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Cooking Frozen Pizza

Keto and Gluten Free Pizzas can be cooked at high temp (375 degrees) for a few min and finished on broil because the crusts are pre-cooked. These pizzas may even turn out better than our in-store options!

Our Pizzas just need to be finished, at 375-400 degrees for 10 min or so until cheese starts to bubble or a little longer if you like a crispy crust.

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Next Steps!

As we continue product development and work with our customers to lock in exactly what they want, our frozen pizzas will be available at our shop at 801 Red River rd. Our next steps will be to begin offering them in grocery stores throughout the city, then surrounding communities. We are really excited, this has been a long road.

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