Eat Local Pasta

Thunder Bay Pasta

At Eat Local Pizza we love working with the interesting people in our community who pour their passion into what they do. You can always tell when someone loves what they do. It shines through in what they produce.

“Our Pasta is locally made by Big Lake and our meatballs are made from meats from Sandy Acres Farms and My-Pride Farms. We make it how we eat it at home.”

Big Lake Pasta

Our pasta comes from Big Lake Pasta. We started doing our pasta says with a penne but Andrew Murchison (owner of Big Lake Pasta) was so excited for us to try his casarecce. It turns out different pastas are designed for specific uses, and this one is built to be a vehicle for sauce. How cool is that?

The Perfect Meatball

Sandy Acres Farms beef 🥩


My-Pride Farms veal🥩

When it comes to meatballs, we take this seriously. Not only do we have a city full of pasta experience, but we have beautiful beef and veal to work with! All of our meatballs are made in-house and pair wonderfully with our sauce and pasta.

Pasta Pick Up

Every week we do our Pasta Wednesday. You get a container with a ton of meatballs for $10. There is a larger option for families or remarkably hungry folks.

School Lunches in Thunder Bay

Being the largest pizza provider for schools in the city, we are always interested in the needs of the schools, the kids and their families. We developed our pasta lunch option as a way for schools to get more local food to kids in a delicious and affordable way. Ask you school to contact us for details!

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