Buffalo Chicken Pizza: SuperBowl Ready

Buffalo Chicken Pizza!
With the Superbowl around the corner, people are scrambling to get ready. Snacks for Superbowl Sunday can be epic and delicious but they don’t always have to be complex or a lot of work.

Here is what we are serving up for Game Day at Eat Local Pizza. Take a swing at it if that’s your thing or give us a call if you want to call in the pros.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This one is killer, our R&D team ate more than enough to ensure top quality.


  1. You need a pizza crust (you can buy one from us or make your own)
  2. Mix 200g of cream cheese with enough Heartbeat Hot Sauce to see a beautiful orange color but not enough to burn down the house.
  3. Spread your sauce on the pizza and add slow cooked heartbeat/pepper rubbed pulled chicken from Haywire Farm
  4. Add red onion, green onion and cheddar cheese.
  5. Grab some wild Stilton Blue Cheese from The Cheese Encounter and crumble it on top.
  6. Cook at 365 until a the crust browns then finish the cheese on broil until it blows your mind or looks done depending on whether you are a serious or whimsical snack person.

This pizza is top of its game and will win over even the grumbliest fan. Heartbeat Hot Sauce is the iconic hot sauce of Thunder Bay and shines in this pizza. Ericka Reszitnyk from Haywire hooked us up some really beautiful chicken and this really is the perfect use for it. When we decided we needed to find the perfect blue cheese to finish this touchdown of a za, we went straight to The Cheese Encounter, they knew exactly what we needed.

When you serve this with ranch, you know you just unleashed the perfect offense.

For those of you on the defense time-wise, give Eat Local Pizza a call at (807) 767-0000, or order online.


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