Lasagna Tuesday at Eat Local Pizza

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For 17.99 you can feed TWO PEOPLE!

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We decided awhile back that if we were going to sell Lasagna and Pasta that we would do everything from scratch and use the opportunity to highlight the best local pasta, beef and vegetables that we have access to in Thunder Bay.

We use 100% all local beef in our lasagna and pasta from Sandy Acres Farm and Windy Lane Farm.

Our Pasta is made locally by Big Lake Pasta

We make all our sauces from scratch, with Vegetarian and Vegan options available!

We even make our own Croutons with bread from Nuccis!

Available as part of Lasagna Tuesday, or on their own, our lasagna are great for a family dinner or as a back-up plan in the freezer. You can buy them prepared hot and ready or frozen for storage at home. We have Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free options available so that no one is left out!

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