Thai Chicken Pizza

New on the menu at Eat Local Pizza is our Thai Chicken Pizza.

  1. First we marinade our red pepper and cabbage slaw!
  2. We take an extra large crust and spread sweet chili heat sauce on it
  3. Next we shred slow cooked local chicken onto the crust
  4. The red pepper slaw fits on next then a layer of mozzarella cheese
  5. To finish it we layer sprouts and then drizzle with our thai chicken sauce

We had been thinking about this pizza for awhile. We really like it as an option to show the value of textures and light flavours where generally we like to pick an idea and hammer it home. This pizza is more subtle than the bd we are used to and we like that 🙂

**This pizza, like all food at Eat Local Pizza is peanut free. We maintain this standard out of respect for all the schools we work with.**

Now Available in our Online Store!

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